Teaching you ableton from A to Z, a free-will approach so that you can express yourself through music in any genre, while tailoring your course towards a goal. Courses focus on completing tracks, defining your sound while maintaining a industry standard, track building efficiency and strengthening your confidence. When the time comes we will focus on sending out demos, how to market your EP's and socials. Courses can be done in person or online with Zoom.

My Vision 

I grew up in a family of musicians, off the top of my head I can think of 6 cousins and uncles that are all educated, studied musicians doing it for a living. My father has a masters degree in music, he created and is the director of Lasalle Music Academy, opened for over 44 years and is rated top 10 in all of Canada . I started taking courses at my fathers school at the age of 6, looking back i've decided that Ableton should be treated as a musical instrument and not just looked at as a program to make "Electronic" music. When learning piano / sax / guitar etc, you do not learn only rock, only one genre you must learn it all, jazz, metal, blues and the rest. This is why my approach on ableton will be to learn it all, and have the free will to express yourself as you desire. Art has no boundaries let's not set any as we learn.