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Hey team, I'm Gino but you might know me as Atroxx. My music has been played by the likes of Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Danny Tenaglia, Maceo plex, Jamie Jones, Joseph Capriati and many more. I'm excited to announce that I will be teaching courses to allow you to express yourself through music and ultimately use Ableton as an instrument. My approach is not genre specific but rather will allow you to discover what your sound truly is. These learnings are actionable and will get producers to a place where they get signed.


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  • Montreal, Quebec, Canada

 I was looking for a music school in Lasalle to help me improve my electronic music production techniques. I thought I was going to get some guy that knows music but is not really active in the scene. What I ended up getting is DJ ATROXX who just happens to be a DJ at one of the most influential after hours in Montreal, let alone North America which is called STEREO. I couldn't believe my luck! Someone who DJ's at the best club in Montreal and is active and current in the scene! Seeing that I had personal experience in composing house music, the chemistry between me and DJ ATROXX is really good and I am progressing at lightning speed. Not only is he teaching me how to use ABLETON but also helping me getting signed to big name labels. I struck gold with Academie de Musique de Lasalle and looking forward to a long, fruitful relationship with them for the future! SIGMA7 

John Bacogiannis
Student / House Producer

 I started taking electronic music production courses with Gino a little more than a month ago. My expectations were already high, and I have to say that these lessons have only surpassed my expectations. The amount of information that I've learned in just a few weeks is unbelievable. It was exactly what I needed to motivate myself in this industry, and I highly recommend Gino to anyone who wants to acquire knowledge in music production. 

Brian Ancuta
Student / Micro House Producer

 Amazing school. I've been dabbling in music production for the past few years, but finally decided to take it to the next level. Gino helped me take my productions to the next level in a very short period of time. The tips and habits he taught me are extremely valuable. 

Dylan Cherry
Student / Techno & House Producer

 I started ableton classes with Atroxx January 2020 I have a musical background but I had no idea how to use Ableton when I started. Taking courses at FEM made me understand the program and pick up skills at a very rapid pace. Almost 2 years later, I’ve had 2 releases and have gotten positive feedback from my biggest idols and renowned djs in the electronic music circuit. I’m happy to have Atroxx as my teacher, He’s dedicated and motivating as well as being a successful artist in the industry himself. As a DJ, producing took my career path to higher level. I’m excited to see where my path takes me next and to have Faculty of Electronic Music be part of that journey. 

Alexa Borzyk
Student / Techno Producer

 "Since I began production courses at the Faculty of Electronic Music with Atroxx in 2022, my life has been forever changed. Atroxx has taught me how to use Ableton intuitively, which has been a transformative experience. One year ago I struggled to get audio to come out of Ableton, and now I am able to produce entire tracks with ease. As a teacher, Atroxx is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and attentive. He is patient, diligent, supportive, and open-minded which fosters a safe, and collaborative space to learn, and progress. Atroxx is generous with his knowledge, wisdom, and skills. And, learning Ableton as an instrument with Atroxx has been a fun, eye-opening, and productive journey. As a teacher, mentor, and artist Atroxx has contagious ambition, motivation, and positive mental attitudes which reach beyond the classroom. Our classes have been the highlight of my weeks since I began learning with Atroxx. Music production has since become my avenue for therapy, as Atroxx has helped me find my unique sound allowing me to channel emotions and authentic self-expression through music. Through my courses with Atroxx, I am grateful to be discovering who I am as an artist." 

Helena Pinchuk
Student / Techno Producer

 In December 2021, my journey began at the Faculty of Electronic Music. During the pandemic, I decided to follow my passion for music and came across a video for the FEM. I was instantly drawn and with some encouragement from Gino, I finally had the drive I needed to dive into music production. Gino has a gift, his teaching skills are immeasurable, and with his constant support he is priceless! He gave me the confidence I needed and I cannot wait to see where this journey will take me in the months and years to come. This year has been life changing! I would highly recommend the FEM to anyone who wants to learn how to produce or grow their passion for music. 

Kathleen Mudd
Student / Prog House Producer
Atroxx image
Canadian powerhouse Atroxx is at the forefront of a new generation of techno artists enriching the genre with fresh energy and ideas. Equipped with deep musical knowledge, an obsessive approach to production and an innately progressive mindset he has earned himself a formidable reputation as a producer. With releases on an array of respected underground labels, including his own Starskream, Atroxx is respected and admired across the techno world, courting favour with both his peers and more established heads. A drummer since his teens, he has a distinct approach to drum programming, with acute awareness of the power of beats and their critical role in techno music. As a DJ he is equally switched on, commanding the dance floor with powerful layered mixes, potent percussion and mesmerising atmospherics. Poised to unleash his debut album The Second Renaissance, Atroxx continues to embody the core ethos of techno, looking ever forward in his pursuit of higher states of musical consciousness.

Surrounded by music when he was growing up - his father runs one of the oldest music schools in Montreal - it was inevitable Atroxx would become a musician himself. Early on he played in bands, moving into solo production when those groups dissolved and he needed an outlet to create without relying on other musicians. His first encounters with electronic music came via two key albums; The Fat of the Land by The Prodigy and the soundtrack to 1995’s Mortal Kombat movie. Both gave him a taste of high-octane electronica; intense, emotive and powerful vibrations. These core characteristics remain at the heart of his output, which has captured the imaginations of followers, peers and tastemakers alike. 

What makes Atroxx such a fascinating artist is his open minded appreciation of music, privately producing a variety of styles under different names; from deep house to liquid D’n’B. He listens to it all, finding beauty in every genre, subscribing to the notion that there are only two types of music; good and bad. This feeds back into his techno persona, where he refuses to be bound by genre limitations. By keeping his perspective expansive, Atroxx injects a nonlinear flavour into his music bypassing standard tropes and arrangements to construct his unique sonic identity. 

In 2012 he decided to immerse himself in production, spending up to 10 hours per day, almost every day, obsessively creating, studying, producing and experimenting. This intensive way of working took him further and further down the rabbit hole of discovery, refining his craft and constructing his distinctive audio fingerprint. Besides his heroes Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy, and Monoloc, Atroxx’s hometown Montreal was a key source of inspiration. The city’s rich, diverse culture and its music scene are revered around the world. Progressive and inclusive, Montreal’s party scene attracts international selectors with clubs such as Stereo rated among the best in the world, not to mention the after-party scene, Piknik Electronik and the city’s fertile community of musical talent. In Montreal Atroxx experienced the depth of club music, from trance to minimal, right through to contemporary techno. It’s where he cut his teeth as a producer and as a DJ, watching some of the world’s greats in action, learning about electronic music in a nurturing environment.

2017 marked a key milestone in his growing reputation with his debut on Italy’s Analytic Trail, ‘Trust Me’, picking up support from a diverse list of influential DJs; Danny Tenaglia to Popof, Adam Beyer and Nicole Moundaber to Thomas Schumacher. This was a pivotal moment, galvanising his dedication to making music and sparking the realisation that he was on the right path. That same year he launched his own label - Starskream Records. Named after the DJ for heavy metal legends Slipknot, the label’s ethos pays homage to the band, who are long-time idols of Atroxx. The bass and the drums are inspired by metal, further demonstrating his ability to circumvent the norms and ‘rules’ of techno to put his own stamp on the genre. It’s a channel for his emotions, encompassing the full spectrum; from love and happiness to anger and depression. On the flip side, he wants his music and performances to act as a channel for people to release their own emotions; equally cathartic and therapeutic.Since then the label has maintained a steady output, Atroxx taking a considered, patient approach, recognising that it’s all too easy to become a flash in the pan. Ultimately, his dream is to live comfortably from his work long-term, a reflection of his humble outlook. Eight years since he first started making electronic beats he is as determined, passionate and committed as ever, with hundreds of unreleased tunes on his hard drive and his debut album primed for release. 

The Second Renaissance is a culmination of the last eight years, incorporating a wide range of styles from tribalesque rhythms to minimal aesthetics, experimental to all out techno all rooted in his own individual sound. Atroxx’s aim is to tell a story, using the album format to really explore the many shades and textures within techno and beyond. The album signifies a rebirth, The Second Renaissance, a new phase for Atroxx who continues to push himself, artistically and personally. His core intention is to break down elitism; from within the techno world, to wider society, government and beyond in the name of equality, fairness and humanity. Music has the power to affect change and this album has been created to stimulate shifts and encourage transformation, juxtaposing powerful frequencies with moments of contemplation to touch the mind, body and soul. The music is open to interpretation, with Atroxx refusing to impose his own narrative on the productions, allowing the listener to elicit their own feelings and emotions from the album. 

Atroxx’s central belief relates to the notion that everything is vibration; the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, it’s all vibration. With that as the foundation of our existence, he sees music as the universe’s way of communicating with us. Musicians are a conduit, the music they create relaying messages, stories, emotions, feelings transmitted by universal consciousness. His creative energy runs deep, constantly overflowing to produce new music and resulting in a catalogue of music that is vast, all encompassing and deeply human. Listen to Atroxx and you’ll hear echoes of the creative energy that governs our universe…